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Things before Going to Travel with Your Baby

One thing to know about this trip is that it is not to visit family or anything but is purely recreational. I am not sure if I will be up for it. I am due May 29 and the trip is to a condo on a north Florida beach for 5 days. The baby will be 2-2 1/2 months old and I know that we would have to pack a lot of stuff and stop often on the way.

The trip is not supposed to last more than 13 hours for a normal person but I have been told that with breastfeeding stops and changing stops and possible comfort stops the time might double.One of the big issues is that this is not a normal spontaneous trip, we would be sharing the condo with my husband's parents and sister and his other sister, her new husband, her 4-year-old and her in-laws would be in another condo.

It is supposed to be right on the beach which would normally be nice but I have been told that a baby that young should not be in the sun and I probably won't be very energetic or in much of a mood to wear a swimsuit.

My husband wants to go and for all, I know this could be our last chance to go on a trip for a while. I am also worried about the money and don't know if it would be wise to spend so much. We went with my parents and sister to yellow stone last summer but there was not a baby involved and I don't think I would have gone with a 2-month-old.

I will also be starting my last semester of college at the end of August (same month as the trip) and will have to find an internship as well. I have already discussed my concerns with my husband but I know he still wants to go. I am just wondering if any moms or fathers have any opinions as to whether we should go or not.

It is likely that I won't even get to leave the condo and I tend to exhaust and overheat easily. This is our first child and my husband has never watched a baby. I am not sure but I don't think he has ever even changed a diaper.

I don't know how much help he'll be. I have watched baby's but never one so young. I don't know what to expect but I have a feeling the trip will be quite draining but on the other hand, the car ride could prove to be a good bonding time for me and my husband. 

Since we are sharing the condo with his family I don't know how much personal bonding we'll get while we're there.

Keep in mind that both my and his family live thirty minutes away from our home so this trip is not necessary. 

We have a mid-size vehicle with four doors and I don't even know if everything we need will fit ( portable bed/changing table- Graco Playard, and a three-wheel stroller will be the largest things) and we will still need room for enough clothes for 5 days and I don't know if there are washers and dryers at the condos. Basically, I just want to know, If it were you, would you go? To read more updates, You should consider to View Here.